Our Philosophy

VFSL is neither a Public Fund nor a Mortgage Investment Corporation (“MIC”). Instead we syndicate opportunities on a deal by deal basis. We provide our Investors with quality investment transactions coupled with reliable and trustworthy management.

We originate, underwrite and administer our mortgage loans [throughout the term of the mortgage] allowing us to create attractive investment opportunities for our Investors. Our common sense approach to mortgage investing earns us the trust, loyalty and respect of both our Investors and Borrowers alike.

For Borrowers, we respect the fact that not every deal is simple and that in some cases creative solutions may be required to make the deal work. We also respect the need to have answers provided on a timely basis. Our ability to generate a timely proposal and fund loans quickly is often the difference between project success or failure. Our experience and entrepreneurial spirit are our hallmarks that allow us to see things others may miss and enable us to fund transactions in an expeditious manner.